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The Artist's Way Group

Discover and recover your creative self

Join the Waiting List for 2025

Front cover of The Artist's Way - book by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way

You have a burning desire to ..

  • Get out of your current career, but are stuck for ideas

  • Be more creative at work or at home

  • Write a book or start a blog

  • Start a business or build a course

  • Paint or draw, sculpt or craft

  • Create something new

In short, you want to live a more creative LIFE!

You've HEARD of The Artist's Way. You've heard LOTS of people saying how transformational it is.


You may have had a copy of the book on your book shelf for ages. 


You started the book, but never got further than Week 3, but would LOVE to finish it. 

You've started to wonder if you're that creative after all. You may even be convinced you're not creative at all! 

Is this you?

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You ARE creative. I believe that

THIS will help you realise it too!

The Artist's Way is a book by Julia Cameron that helps you unblock and rediscover your creative self

The Artist's Way GROUP is BACK!

The group is based on Julia Cameron's life-changing book The Artist's Way, which is a 13 week programme to guide you in rediscovering our creativity. 

Like Julia Cameron says herself: success occurs in clusters. 

In a dedicated GROUP in my community Pick 'n Mix - for creative, multi-passionate women - I will host ONLINE weekly group sessions, support you with weekly emails and will create an encouraging, inclusive space in which you can learn and grow and create and TRANSFORM. 

Participation and accountability and sharing experiences will keep on moving you forward, even when it feels HARD (*cough* Week 4 *cough*). 

We can benefit greatly from the support of others who share our dreams of living a fuller life

Julia Cameron

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There would be no “Eat, Pray, Love” without “The Artist's Way.”

Elizabeth Gilbert

Honest Changes

How The Artist's Way Group 2023 changed their life and work. 

'Reduced hours and an 'accidental' business'

'All about my (creative) identity'

How The Artist's Way Group will benefit you:

The Artist's Way GROUP will help you: 

  • Understand and remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck

  • Build your confidence

  • Understand that you ARE creative

  • Connect you with what you REALLY want

  • Start creating, bringing NEW things into the world

  • Build and maintain momentum

  • Start - and finish - your creative projects

  • Build trust in yourself

  • Keep you accountable to keep yourself moving forward and create YOUR creative life!

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What you'll get

We'll meet online every week for 13 weeks, with some breaks for (inter)national holidays. 

The events will take place in a dedicated online GROUP in Pick 'n Mix - the community of creative, multi-passionate women.


(Come and join Pick 'n Mix now - access to the community is FREE!)

You buy your own copy of The Artist's Way (available in all major book shops - you *may* even be able to pick up one in a charity shop, I did!)

Every week I'll post a quick overview of the main points of that week's chapter in the group

Each week we'll discuss that week's chapter, our insights and what we're struggling with. 

We all commit to reading the chapter, do the Morning Pages and the Artist's Dates as well as three of the tasks, ready for that week's get together

Every week after the session you'll receive an email with a check in.

During the programme you will have access to the group to ask for support, share experiences, keep yourself accountable and show your creative efforts

During the week I'll pop in for support, additional resources and to answer any questions you may have. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What are the dates for the sessions? 

The Artist's Way Group 2024 is now CLOSED. However, we will be BACK in March/April 2025!  In 2024 we're holding the sessions on Sunday evening (UK time). 

What if I can't make all of the sessions? 

For ongoing accountability I'd recommend trying to make it to each of the sessions. However, there will be ways (and time) to catch up with whatever you've missed in the group. 

Why should I pay for The Artist's Way Group? 

You can do it on your own. Of course you can. I got to week 8 the first time round. Others have not got any further than week 3. Some have had the book on their book shelf for years, decades even. 

So, yes, you CAN do it on your own. You can even join free groups. They're around, I've seen them. 

But what you won't get? The group sessions. The support. The amazing community that is Pick 'n Mix. The emails. The accountability. And your commitment to see it through, because - you know - you paid actual money for this.

So yes, I ask you to pay for this offer. An affordable amount. So that you keep going. Even when it is HARD. (Wait until you get to Week 4. Just saying). 

When will we start? 

The Artist's Way Group 2024 is now CLOSED. However, we will be BACK in March/April 2025!  In 2024 we're holding the sessions on Sunday evening (UK time). 

What is your refund policy? 

I do not offer refunds for this programme. 

What if I have more questions? 

If you have any more questions please feel free to email me

See you there!

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The Artist's Way changed my life

I found The Artist's Way in a charity shop. When I was in desperate need of inspiration, creativity and ideas and felt stuck in my career. 

I only got to week 8 of the programme, that first time round. Which - as it turned out - was further than anyone else I knew. 

But it changed my life. The practice of daily morning papers (which I wrote in the train to work). The artist's dates. I started drawing again and painting. My creativity was returning. Ideas started pouring in. I found opportunity, saw possibility and experienced synchronicity. 

I came up with what is now my business, re-trained and have not looked back!

I now recommend this book to everyone and am looking forward to working our way through the book and making transformation happen!

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