Happy Friends

Creating Career Freedom

The 12 week coaching programme to help professional women create the career they love!

  • Do you feel frustrated and unhappy in your career? 

  • Do you no longer know what you love doing anymore? Or what you're great at? Or what's important to you?

  • Do you sometimes dream of this life where you are happy to jump out of bed in the morning, ready to start a good day's work - but when you try to visualise it you just can't see it? 

  • Have you thought about changing your career - more than once - but haven't got a clue where to start?


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What you'll learn:

Creating perspective

Your emotions give clues to why you are feeling restless. And what is causing your unhappiness. We'll get you calm and focused on what's ahead!

Creating a self-portrait

Career change starts with you! You'll create clear insight in your strengths, your values, the environment you thrive in. On what you want and need in your career. 

Painting a picture

We will be looking at what your ideal working life looks like. Because there is no point in creating a career that doesn’t fit with a vision of your life. If you can see in front of you what you would like your life to look like it’s easier for you to make it happen. 

Creating ideas

Creativity is the key to your career change! And once we've unlocked your creativity and your ideas start flowing we'll come up  with some creative ways of testing your ideas too!

Creating career freedom!

There's no change without action. This is where you'll plan your 'escape' and tackle some of the big stumbling blocks women encounter when they change careers. 

What you can expect:

12 weekly coaching sessions

Exercises and resources

Unlimited access for support in beween sessions

A follow-up session for accountability and check-in

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