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Creating Career Freedom

The 12 week coaching programme to help professional women create their own version of career freedom!

You have these dreams.


Of doing something totally different. Starting your own business. Living abroad. Doing something creative. Making a difference. 

Instead you wake up in the morning with a feeling of dread. 


You feel you're on the hamster wheel. Always working. Never any time to reflect on what YOU want. 

If someone asked you would have a hard time remembering what it is you love doing. Let alone knowing how to make it happen. 

You are staying because you have to be 'realistic'. You are staying because this is the only way you know how to pay the bills. 

'One day', you say to yourself. One day. 

But you've come to realise that 'one day' is - well - now!


​​My Creating Career Freedom programme is for you!


If you are trying to be NORMAL you will never know how AMAZING  you can be - Maya Angelou

It doesn't have to be this way, you know!

My Creating Career Freedom programme will help you move from where you are now - frustrated, unhappy and not clear on where you're going next in your career - to YOUR version of Career Freedom. 

The Creating Career Freedom is a 5 step programme where I work with you 1 to 1 to uncover what is UNIQUE  about you, identify your ideal career and take focused action to make it a reality. To help you create YOUR version of career freedom.


In this programme you will have unique insights into who you are and what you're GREAT at, a networking strategy and ongoing support to ensure you create the career that you LOVE!

What you can expect:

The Creating Career Freedom programme will give you a structured 5 step approach with enough flexibility so that it fits you and your unique needs. It will help you identify who you are and what you really want, breathe new life into old career ideas (and come up with some new ones) and take inspired action to test and plan for your new career. 

My down-to-earth approach will support and challenge you with small and achievable steps, further and further outside your comfort zone. Once we've established what you want and need in your career I'll be gently encouraging you to take real action, rather than staying in your head. No change without action!

The 5 Steps to Career Freedom
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What you get:


12 coaching sessions

Exercises and resources 

Unlimited access for support in beween sessions

A follow-up session for accountability and check-in

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Your investment
£1,500 (+ UK VAT)*

The Creating Career Freedom programme includes: 12 hours of 1 to 1 coaching, supporting workbooks with relevant exercises and resources, a report on your strengths, a networking strategy, email support for your questions and the occasional online coaching question, room for a short pre-arranged call to support you with difficult decisions or to celebrate success, and regular homework. 

Want to know more? 

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What other women said

I cannot recommend Tineke highly enough, I truly can’t. Thank you so much and God bless you and your work and talents for getting me to where I am; its literally like looking down a steep hill and realising I made it up the hill, not to the top yet but nowhere near the bottom where I spent so many years faffing around doubting my abilities!!