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Hi, I'm Tineke!

Career & Creativity Coach | Artist | Multi-passionate 

I'm an ICF qualified Career & Creativity Coach, helping creative, multi-passionate, professional women transform their career (and life!). My coaching is firmly based in emotional intelligence and positive intelligence theory. 

The women I work with are professional women, 10, 15, 20 years in - often - corporate jobs but feeling stuck. Feeling that their wings are clipped, that there is more for them out there. 

I love helping them - you - get calm and focused, regain your creativity and get clear on what they WANT. So that you can go out and make THAT a reality. 

Sometimes women say to me 'of course, I'm also not very confident'. I believe confidence comes from taking action. From taking the first step and the one after that. I can help you take the RIGHT steps. I condensed ALL my knowledge of career change and managing your emotions AND accessing your creativity in my coaching. 

My coaching is tailored to you and your needs, and uses a variety of techniques, tools and exercises. 

I've had a 25 year career in corporate, 13 of which I supported people through change.


Change is SCARY. Career change? Even more so! I know, because I did it. It took me over 4 years. (Women working with me in my Career Freedom programme do it in 3 to 6 MONTHS) 

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Top Career Coach badge for Tineke Tammes from Coach Foundation

Recognised as one of the Top Career Coaches by Coach Foundation

My story

Other projects

I am a Career & Creativity Coach. First and foremost.


But I'm also a multi-passionate.


Which is why - if you click HERE - I will tell you about the *other* projects I am working on or get involved in. 

There are many different ways of being a multi-passionate. Mine involves  a returning involvement with a number of areas of interest, that includes:

Careers - Managing Change - Art - Creativity - Leadership - Business - Body & mind - Feminism - Spirituality - Books

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