Tineke Tammes Coaching supports experienced professional women through career transitions. 

You may have climbed the career ladder only to find yourself on the wrong ladder. Or after 15, 20, 25 years in your career that little voice in your head asking 'Is this it?' is becoming louder and louder. You may have this dream of starting your own business. You may want to get promoted. Or make your way into a bigger (or smaller) organisation. 

Whatever your reason, there is no better time to make changes to your career than right now. 


Life is too short to be unhappy at work. It is my mission to support you in transforming your career to a working life that you love.  


My vision is for women to make the greatest impact in the workplace. For you to take up your long overdue, well-deserved place. In the C-suite. In your own business. In your chosen profession. In an organisation that aligns with your values. 


We all know that women have different challenges from men when it comes to navigating workplaces. I believe it's time for you to become the best you can be. 

By doing what you do best. By doing what you love. By being happy. By feeling free. In other words, by being yourself. 


No one is the same. No one approach fits all. You may have been unhappy for years. Working your way through self-help books and You Tube videos. Or something might have changed recently, which has made you think. 

I'll meet you where you are in your career change journey. Help you get started. Energise you. Get you clear. Uncover who you really are, what you're best at, what you love and find what you really want in your career. And finally to help you take inspired action,  whilst all the way being supported in making your way through this - often emotional - journey. 

I'm ready. Are you?