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Creating perspective

Mental Fitness Coaching 
for Individuals and Groups


Scared woman with hand in front of mouth - accompanying the Saboteurs Assessment service
stop the saboteurs!

Saboteur Assessment

'Lacking confidence. NO ideas. Losing my financial security. I HATE networking. I have no TIME!' 

All makes sense. Sensible objections. Good reasons to not do ANYTHING. Right?

Except these 'reasons' are keeping you STUCK, instead of moving forward. And that's EXACTLY where you are finding yourself right now: miserable, stuck, frustrated. 

But what if I told you that these are not reasons but your Saboteurs? 

That your Saboteurs are - well - SABOTAGING you? STOPPING you from doing something scary, like making a career transition? From setting up that business? From starting that creative project? In other words: from making your dream career (and life) happen?

For you to move forward you need to know who your Saboteurs are and how to deal with them. So that you can come up with ways of moving past them AND past the obstacles in your way and create YOUR happy career and life.  

So, let's go and find out what (or who) is keeping you stuck!

Woman looking at compass - Find your direction, inner wisdom and creativity with Positive Intelligence

Create perspective


Mental Fitness Coaching

Become calm and focused (even if you have no time, no motivation or can’t even remember what you like doing anymore).

Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t end up on the hamster wheel, that’s exactly
where you’ve found yourself. Stuck. Not going anywhere. And reacting to whatever is being thrown at you. 

Mental Fitness coaching with the Positive Intelligence Programme will help you get calm and focused. So that you access your inner wisdom and creativity, ready to navigate the next steps of your journey. 

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