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Let's create

Mental fitness coaching for professional women with the Positive Intelligence programme

Find your calm. Unblock your creativity. 
Build your confidence 

Do you often ...

  • Find yourself stressed, with no time and overwhelmed with the amount of work you've got to get through each day? 

  • React rather than respond to the day-to-day demands made on you. Or (worse) react badly to that awkward colleague, that difficult stakeholder or even your boss. Or (worst) be short and irritable with your loved ones? 

  • Find yourself being kind (to a fault) to others but hard on yourself

  • Have sky-high expectations of yourself and are disappointed when you don't meet them? 

  • Feel that you're a human DOING not a human BEING? 

  • Find yourself juggling too many things, none of which are FOR YOU? 

  • Wonder if you will EVER get to have time to think about your career (rather than working hard IN it) or get round to building the life you WANT? 

  • Been thinking about your career and life but have trouble accessing your CREATIVITY to come up with new IDEAS and fresh perspective? 

Yes? Is this you? 

A comprehensive suite of tools and techniques to quieten your inner Saboteurs and access your wisdom and creativity when you need them the  most

The Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Programme

The Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Programme is a neuroscience-based approach, created by former Stanford professor and coach

Shirzad Chamine, to help you create mental fitness. 

Based on research on 500,000 people it has identified:

  • 5 mental 'muscles' (Sage) to help us navigate life's challenges with ease and flow

  • 10 challengers (Saboteurs) who will STOP us from achieving what we want and cause stress and ongoing negative emotions

In this 8 week mental fitness programme you can significantly increase YOUR mental fitness by: 

  • Weakening your Saboteurs

  • Improving your self-command

  • Strengthening your Sage powers

Helping you to increase your resilience and your emotional intelligence, improve your performance, lower your stress and increase your happiness

You will be able to access your inner wisdom and creativity and be ready for ALL the challenges your job (and life) throw at you. 

How will it help you?
  • Time management

  • Productivity

  • Managing others

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Conflict management

  • Communication

  • Creativity

  • Overcoming perfectionism

  • Confidence

  • Stress management

  • Relationships

  • Career planning

  • Work-life balance

  • Creativity

  • Achieving life goals

  • Happiness and joy

How the programme will benefit you

The Positive Intelligence programme will help you: 

  • Create lasting mental habits to move from REACTING - hijacked by your Saboteurs -  to RESPONDING using your Sage wisdom, empathy and creativity WHEN IT HAPPENS

  • Identify your Saboteurs as soon as they show up and use the exercises you'll have learned to move quickly to your Sage

  • Turn situations you'd previously identified as 'BAD' into Gifts

  • Use your Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate powers to navigate any situation - towards happiness and joy 

Be calm. Be creative. Be confident. 


What's in the programme?

  • Eight weekly one hour (group) coaching sessions led by Tineke in an accountability POD to ensure your program success (meetings on Monday or Tuesday each week)

  • Seven weekly one hour videos (watch in the weekend)

  • Unlimited check-ins with Tineke via the app or email between sessions


  • Four 2-3 minutes daily guided exercises with progress tracking through the PQ app (about 1.5 hours total/week)


  • Complimentary copy of the first eight chapters of Shirzad Charmine’s book Positive Intelligence


  • Assessments pre- and post-programme to get a before and after picture of progress

  • Enrolment in a global cohort community with other PQ participants

  • Ability to enrol in individual coaching during the Positive Intelligence programme or after the programme finishes

  • Access to PQ app Grow content for as long as individual coaching continues after the end of the 8 week programme



Week 1: Getting started

We'll meet to get you started and set up on the PQ app. 


Week 2: Boost your self-command

We'll be focusing on developing your self-command muscles, so that you can intercept your Saboteurs and shift to your calm (Sage) mind. 


Week 3: Intercept the Judge

You'll get up close and personal with your most damaging Saboteur: your Judge


Week 4: Accomplice Saboteurs

Your Judge works together with your most prominent Accomplice Saboteurs. Find out which ones they are and start weakening them


Week 5: Your Sage

In this week we'll be shifting to the Sage powers: Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate. You'll learn about the Three Gifts techniques to help you shift to Sage mode quicker. 

Week 6: Empathise power

You'll be learning to strengthen the Empathise power to be more compassionate with ourselves and others. 

Week 7: Innovate and Activate

You'll get to use your Innovate power to power up your innovation and creativity powers and your Activate power to take appropriate (Sage) ACTION 

Week 8: Wrap up sessions and how you can move forward

What you'll get

Group coaching

8 weeks

  • 7 weekly videos

  • 8 weekly group coaching sessions with Tineke

  • Unlimited access to Tineke via the app and email

  • Access to the interactive app with daily exercises


  • A copy of the first 8 chapters of the Positive Intelligence book (also available in audio in the app)


  • Access to a wide community of fellow Positive Intelligence practitioners

  • Ability to purchase ongoing one-to-one coaching and access to the Grow programme as long as the coaching agreement continues

frequently asked questions

When is the next group starting? 

I am currently gauging interest for a first - beta - group. Please book a call or complete the form below to express your interest. 

Do you only do this programme in groups? 

No. This Positive Intelligence programme lends itself perfectly for both group and individual coaching arrangements. 

However, if you'd like to discuss individual participation in this programme with one-to-one support in an 8 week coaching programme let's talk! Book a Discovery Call here. 





​When are the sessions?

Group coaching sessions will take place on Monday evenings (UK time). 

You will receive a one-hour video every Saturday for the duration of the programme. From Tuesday to Friday you will receive 4 daily 2-3 minute Coach Challenges aimed at strengthening your Sage and weakening your Saboteurs muscles throughout the day and a daily 30 second journal to embed the changes. 

What is the cost? 

If you were to buy access to the programme directly from the Positive Intelligence website it would cost you $995. 

You can book YOUR place on this programme - including eight (8) weekly one hour group coaching sessions, unlimited access to Tineke and your group cohort members between sessions AND the FULL Positive Intelligence programme, with access to the app, daily exercises, one-hour videos, access to the PQ 'Gym' and community and a copy of the Positive Intelligence book - for £995

Please note: During April and May I'm gauging interest for the FIRST cohort (a beta GROUP version) to start sometime in June 2024. Put your name on the waiting list to express your interest. There will be a special discount for the five women to participate in this first programme). 

​What is your refund policy? 

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. 

All I ask is for you to do the daily exercises, watch the videos and attend the sessions. 

If you want to be certain that this programme is right for you before you commit I'd recommend booking the Saboteurs Assessment to get a flavour of what coaching with me will be like. (It's FREE during May 2024! Use the discount code MeetYourSaboteurs to book your place). 


Or set up a quick call to discuss. 

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to email Tineke on 

Why I LOVE the Positive Intelligence programme

I came across Positive Intelligence quite by accident. I'm so glad I did! I joined up, brought together my very own POD and got started on an epic journey of self-discovery and profound internal change. 

I knew about Emotional Intelligence, of course I did. I knew about meditation and mindfulness, breathwork and yoga, journaling and Morning Pages. 

So, why Positive Intelligence? Why add another 'tool' to my toolbox?

Two reasons:

You know how sometimes, in the middle of your day, in meetings, when you're talking to someone, you can feel as if you're being 'hijacked' by something? 

You can't think straight, you want to react - badly - and can only JUST stop yourself from doing that.

Yep. The Positive Intelligence programme gives you some REAL tools to help you feel that hijack coming and use your mental muscles to bring your inner wisdom, your WISE SELF to the table instead.


In the moment.


Instead of when you're doing your journaling or meditating.


THAT, I believe is one of the GREAT strengths of this programme.

The other reason? 

I notice it with my clients. This inability to access your inner wisdom, your sage, your CREATIVITY

All the mind chatter - your saboteurs - are keeping you firmly in your THINKING brain. 

But that's NOT where creativity lives, NOT where ideas come from, NOT where your inner sage - the one who KNOWS what you want, who you are - is residing. 

So yes, with this programme we'll find ways of reducing the noise coming from your saboteurs, so that you can access your SAGE, your CREATIVITY, your INNER SELF easier and quicker.


So that you can access the 'what's next in my life' answer with confidence, ease and flow. 

What do you say? 

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