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Let's tell YOUR story

Drawing out your career story

Visual coaching session - Book now

Let's tell your story!

You are a creative, multi-passionate woman, with a whole lot of experience under your belt. 

But - when it comes to it - you are underplaying your achievements. You tell me, AND YOURSELF, that you're not good at 'selling' yourself. 


Also, your career may not tell itself easily. It may not be one straight line (is anyone's?). You may find it hard to tell your story. 

To celebrate all you have achieved and to learn from your career journey so far we will  - literally - draw out your story in this 90 minute visual coaching session. 

To remind you of what you've done, what you've achieved, what you're proud of, what you love (doing), what you're great at, what skills you've gained along the way.

So that you can tell your story. Confidently. Proudly. Colourfully even. And with lots of enthusiasm for whatever lies ahead. 

Visual coaching session - Book now

Your visual bio

Do you want your career story turned into a professional visual representation of what you've learned and gained in your career? 

Would you like your career story to be turned into a proper 'visual bio' that you would be proud to show to others? 

Why not ask me to turn your career journey into a studio piece? 

Ask for prices when we meet! 

Tineke Tammes' Visual Bio
Visual coaching session - Book now
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Drawing of Tineke Tammes, Career Change and Creativity Coach leaning on one hand


Gone are the days that we spent 40 years in one career. On average people have five  to seven careers in their working life. 


I'm currently on career number 4 myself (and yes, that drawing above DOES describe my very own career journey).


By now you know me as a career coach helping creative, multi-passionate women transform their careers. 

What you may not know is that I am also a dab hand with a paint brush and a compulsive doodler. My coaching skills, combined with my love for all things visual allows me to not only draw out your thoughts, but literally - well - DRAW UP your thoughts, your feelings, your story and your ideas!


So that you have a visual reminder which will help you keep your story front of mind long after our coaching session!

Visual coaching session - Book now

Frequently asked questions:

Visual coaching session - Book now

Tell  YOUR story
Visual coaching session

What you get:

  • 90 minute coaching session

  • You talk, I draw out and draw up your story

  • Your career-on-a-page drawing, for you to use how you want

The results? 

  • The ability to SEE your story through someone else's eyes

  • A focus on what you've achieved, what you're GREAT at, what you LOVE

  • Confidence in telling your story - strongly, proudly, colourfully

Want to SHARE your story? 

Tell YOUR story - Warts 'n All - in our community Pick 'n Mix, the community of creative multi-passionate women

View other women's stories:

17. Jill's story

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/16)

Jill was always a coach. Even in the 22 years of her being a driving instructor. She was always a coach supporting her clients in dealing with their anxieties. It's no wonder she is now a coach, finding her way to giving her clients the support they need. To help them look their anxieties in the eye. To help them connect with who they are. So that they can connect and interact with others, in a deep, meaningful way. Join me in hearing (and seeing) Jill's story.

Look yourself in the eye and know you like you - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes
Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'I can’t begin to say how brilliant it was. I saw me and all I’ve done in a very complete way.'

16. Birth of the Organic Afro - Natalya's story

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/15)

'I'm not very successful', she said.


Right after she told me how she had broken free of the expectations of her family, her culture. Right after she told me how she queried the success criteria that were being applied to her. Right after she told me how she was helping thousands of people with breaking out of the beauty and success norms that were being applied to them.


'Successful according to whose standards?' I asked. Because from where I'm sitting, living your life in accordance with your values, breaking free from expectations, doing what you love, helping others, looks pretty successful to me!


Listen to and watch the successful story of the 'Birth of the Organic Afro'. It's Natalya's story.

Birth of the Organic Afro - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

15. Jen's sharing HER story

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/14)

Jen is unusual, different, creative. For Jen it's all about connection and community. Which is why's she's so perfectly placed in her current job. Because that is exactly what she's doing. She's helping the community. She is equipping people with the knowledge and skills to make better financial decisions. In the financial crisis she helped save people's homes. She works with the disenfranchised, and is passionate about helping them to access the same resources that others have. One day, she tells me, she is going to create her memoir. I have no doubt it will be as colourful as she is.

Jen's story sharing - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

14. Nicole's adventure of joy and hope

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/13)

 Nicole's word is resilience. Resilience in the face of loss and adversity. But throughout all of this what came through in her story was the sense of adventure. Of wanting to do things, despite what people told her. Helping people create a better life for themselves. The ever-present joy and hope coming through her words. Hope that - no matter what life throws at you - something good is around the corner. Joy in experiencing as much as life has to offer you. Join me in listening to Nicole's story.

Nicole's adventure of joy and hope - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

'Wow, this was so cool! Thank you!'

13. The joy of sharing - Anja's story

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/12)

Anja was incredibly welcome. Her mum and dad wanted a house full of kids. She was daughter #2. But 3 months after she was born her dad died. Later her sister died as well. This story of dealing with grief has formed the basis for what Anja is doing now: creating the space in which people can share their grief, can talk openly about what is going on for them, can find the resources within themselves to deal with grief. But it's also a story of finding out what's most important: being connected with family and friends, also with the loved ones, and feeling at home. And creating an environment in which everyone finds joy in sharing. Share in the joy by watching and listening to this video. 

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client
The joy of sharing - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

'It was a special experience, grounding as you say in English.'

12. Clare's reminder of Important Things

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/11)

It was only going to be a temporary job. Until she figured out what to do with her art degree. But she came to love her project management and contract management roles. She loves working internationally, with people from different cultures. Her driver? No, not the technical side (although she has picked up quite a bit of technical lingo over the years). It's the people that motivate Clare, especially when she has the ability to explain things in language that everyone understands and she can help avoid conflicts and consequences. Follow our conversation in this video, in which Clare reminds herself of the things that are important.

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client
Clare's reminder of important things - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

'I love the graphic now it's finished, it's beautiful! Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I found it really useful. This is definitely something I needed, I'm glad I took the plunge and applied for this.'

11. There's always more to learn!

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/10)

Sarah has made some brave decisions. To move to the UK when she knew no one. To start her career after looking after her children. From each of these experiences she learned new things. And that's what it's all about for Sarah. Learning. Not only learning new things herself - although there is plenty of that! - but providing others with a good learning experience too! In this video we learn from her journey. We learn where Sarah wants to go. What hurdles are in her way. And what learning she takes with her in the next phase of her career.

There's always more to learn - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes
Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'Thank you so much, Tineke. Our coaching session was only recently, but it has already galvanised me into action and made me realise I need to take some deliberate, pro-active steps to move forward in my career goals. What a difference you've made already!'

10. Paula's keys to freedom 

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/09)

Paula had a bus accident when she was young. As a result she learned not to take pain-free movement for granted. She decided to learn all about moving freely. So that she could teach others to learn to move freely through the world. Her promise is to help you identify what you need. To help you take your body as the starting point. To make small changes for big results. To catch things early. So that you enjoy life according to your expectations. Paula's story is beautiful, with some great big lessons for all of us. 

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'I LOVED talking with you today. I found it really interesting and clarifying.'

Paula's Keys to Freedom - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

9. Roxana's story

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/08)

Roxana is a strong woman. Having been a professional volleyball player from the age of 13 she has had to fight her own battles from a young age.


Her earliest memory of the career she wants is when she asked her sister how you could find out what made people act the way they do. A lifelong interest in psychology and human design was born.


In this video we talk about her career. How all the things she has done are fitting together. How her role as a 'projector' helps other people to get back to being themselves. Pre-programming, as she calls it. Which is why she loves working with kids, who have not been 'programmed' yet.

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'I really enjoyed it and it's definitely been amazing!'

Roxana's rollercoaster - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

8. Balancing work and play - Rebekah's priorities

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/07)

Rebekah and I know each other well, as together we are the co-hosts of The Change Management Coach, where we bring new and experienced change managers together to learn and grow.


Rebekah is the hardest worker I know. So, when talking about her plans for 2022, it was always going to be about how to balance work and play. Watch how the power of visuals made it possible to do just that.

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'Having Tineke sketch along on screen through the session really helped me to see what is do-able and keep my goals realistic. I highly recommend TIneke's visual coaching sessions ..'

Rebekah's five categories - Visual coaching with Tineke Tammes

7. Trusting what is - Ana's adventure

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/06)

I meet Ana, a coach, who's had a varied career. A real adventure. From working on a fishing boat in Alaska, to now living in Romania, returning to her roots.


It's a moving story, of someone who is not afraid to follow her gut and intuition, and who is passionate about helping others to stop being afraid and embrace life for the adventure that it is. 

Ana's adventure - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

'I fully and dearly recommend Tineke as a career coach. She is a wonderful coach - She adds just enough open ended questions and clarification to tie all your loose ends and connect your dots into a new vision of your career.'

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

6. Kam's Visual Bio

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/05)

In this video I am talking to Kam. Kam is a transformation specialist and has never taken the easy road. She studied Information Systems, she worked in male-dominated environments, she is an entrepreneur and has overcome many challenges. At the time of meeting she is just embarking on setting up her own consultancy. To help people to move through change with the minimum of anxiety and the minimum impact on their wellbeing.


Kam's story is one of overcoming challenges and resilience, of entrepreneurship running in her blood, of transformation and - throughout it all - a great belief in people, in teams and in her own ability to overcome pretty much anything!

Kam's story - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes
Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'Thank you so much for undertaking this exercise. I can't wait to share it and promote your amazing work!'

5. Marina's Evolutionary Journey

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/04)

Marina is a multi-potentialite. Trained as an architect, she has gained a multitude of skills over the years (including how to build and sell pet furniture!). She now works as a Marketing ans Mindset Coach for creatives, architects and other building professionals, bringing all of her talents and all that she's learned together. 

Join us for a journey of learning and evolving and bringing value wherever she goes. An Evolutionary Journey indeed! 

Marina's Visual Bio - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes
Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'I was curious about the use of visual tools, like the visual bio map, that Tineke walks her clients through.

The experience helped me see my journey on one page, and I enjoyed both the structure, the creativity and the safe space while sharing my steps.

I would recommend the visual bio to all the professional women who find it difficult to resume their work experiences. '

4. Linda's Visual Bio

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/03)

Linda is a coach, a facilitator and an expressive arts practitioner. For Linda it's all about People and Places, and about Make and Do. A bit like the encyclopaedias her dad bought her when she was a little girl! Linda's career has always been about supporting people, Linda’s career has, at its roots, always been about offering “creative support for times of change” (which happens to be her tagline too!). In her fantastic barn in Canada she facilitates groups and individuals. In this video we document her journey, her bio. In other words: How She Got Here. 

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

'In one hour she captured my journey to where I am today with her targeted, well designed questions and amazing graphic facilitation skills. ... I'm delighted with the process and the results.'

Linda's Visual Bio - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes

3. Sarah's journey of discovery

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/02)

Sarah has had a long and successful career, working for one amazing employer. But now she is taking all that experience and learning into the next part of her career. She has set up her own business and looking forward to accepting her next challenge. But before she does she wants to reflect on her career journey. To learn. To travel again. To revisit some of the places she's been to on her journey of discovery. 

'Tineke is a great listener, has a embracing infectious style whom has the ability to flex depending on experience of individual. She uses creative and simple techniques that are thought provoking. I was able to reflect on my own behaviour patterns following a creative session with Tineke where my career journey was drawn in pictures.'

Sarah's journey of discovery - Visual career story by Tineke Tammes
Photo of Tineke Tammes' client

2. Ganiyat's five cups

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2022/01)

Ganiyat is a polymath, a multi-potentialite, a Renaissance woman, but - above all else - she is a force of nature! She knows exactly what she wants, and she has ordered all the things she wants to do in what she calls her 'five cups'. From her career to her health and wellbeing, from her creative endeavours to her financial affairs, she's got it all sorted in a colourful Mad Tea Party of dancing Tea Cups. We talked about what she wants to achieve in 2022 and how she is going to make all her wonderful plans a reality. 

'This is amazing!  I'm beaming from ear to ear! I loved the coaching session and love love love the drawing!'

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client
Ganiyat's road map - Visual coaching with Tineke Tammes

1. Nicole's learning journey

(Visual coaching with Tineke - 2021/01)

Nicole requested this session, so that she could look back, reflect and continue her learning journey that she started when she made her first steps in her career, over 10 years ago. She finds herself in an industry that she has come to love and where she would like to continue that journey. This is what she learned about herself in our first (ever!) visual coaching session. 

Nicole's  Learning Journey - Visual Career Story by Tineke Tammes

'Really enjoyable and valuable session.'

Photo of Tineke Tammes' client
Visual coaching session - Book now
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