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Career Freedom programme

My flagship private coaching programme

Helping creative, multi-passionate women to create a career full of Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment

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Career Freedom GROUP programme

My PROVEN Career Freedom programme with the added IDEAS, the ACCOUNTABILITY and the SUPPORT of a group!

Freedom calls!


Quit, I mean.

It's tempting, I know. But in most cases quitting is not the answer. Not without a plan anyway!

What you should do instead, I hear you ask?

Book your Freedom call. Complete the (short - ish) survey. Hop on our one hour call. Come away with (at least) three clear steps you can take right away to get you started on YOUR journey to career freedom.

Even better: you can start taking those steps whilst still being paid

Sounds like a win-win to me!

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Questions I haven't answered yet?
Email me!


What others say

I chose Tineke to coach me at a defining period in my career, my life!

I had worked solidly for 40 years and found myself wondering 'what next?'.
Tineke took me through a programme of self-discovery, of learning about my own behaviour, preferences, opportunities.

It was not an easy learning journey - don't work with Tineke if you're not curious and prepared to deal with some uncomfortable truths!

She is kind, supportive, insightful and a the best careful listener I know. So if you do want to be challenged and really move yourself and your career to a better place, I suggest you give her a call.


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