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Career coaching for professional women

Are you feeling stuck in a career that no longer fits you? Have you been having daydreams about what you will do in your career, you know, one day? Only to find that one day is now? 

You're in the right place! 

The Do What You Love coaching call 

  • Rediscover with what you love doing

  • Identify action you can take - right now! - to help you be happier at work

  • Take your first step toward career happiness

  • Come away with lots of insight

  • All that in less than an hour!

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My signature coaching programme: 

Creating Career Freedom

Image by Stan B

My signature 12 week private coaching programme is for you if you are an experienced professional woman who wants to create a fulfilling working life that fits you!

Is this you? 

  • You’re busy, working hard. You never have time to think about what YOU want

  • You feel you’re on the hamster wheel, living from one day to another.

  • Over the last few years this niggly little voice in the back of your head is getting louder and louder. It is telling you ‘Is this it?’

  • You want the next step in your career to be meaningful. To you!


About the programme:

  • Get calm and focused

  • Find out what you REALLY want and need in your career

  • Make your career fit your (ideal) life - not the other way around

  • Stop hiding and researching 

  • Instead take real action and make your career change happen!

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Changing to Change Management       mentoring programme

Image by Ross Findon
  • Learn what your unique strengths are

  • Understand what's required in change projects and what you'll be doing

  • Make yourself the top choice for employers

  • Get hands-on support from an experienced change manager 

  • Get your change management career off to a flying start with your own starter toolkit!

  • Create your version of career happiness

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Pink Bubbles

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