FREEDOM strategy call 

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One-off call 

Looking for FREEDOM in your career, but not sure what's keeping you stuck? 

The FREEDOM strategy call is for you!

Find out what obstacles are in your way, what's stopping you to shape your career.  Determine your next steps. Come away with clarity and new energy. 


Private coaching programme

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Create YOUR version of career FREEDOM with my Career FREEDOM coaching programme. 


Identify what will be on your career path (and what definitely won't). Make your career freedom happen. Or both.


Look at what others had to say about my Career Freedom programme below and click the button to find out more. 

Visual coaching

Tell YOUR career story


It's the first thing women say to me. 'I'm not good at selling myself'. To then go on to tell me their AMAZING career story. 

Afraid to tell your story? Not good at selling yourself? Not from where I'm sitting! 

The Tell YOUR story visual coaching session is aimed at letting you tell your story. Confidently. Strongly. Colourfully even. 

90 minutes. You talk. I draw. 

Other services

Change management

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I have 13+ years of experience and expertise in Change Management, I am the co-host of The Change Management Coach, a platform for new and seasoned business change managers, and I am  supporting individuals and organisations with change management mentoring and business change management services.

What others are saying

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