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creativity coaching

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Let's create

Private coaching programme

You KNOW it. Deep down. You've got this niggle, this deep KNOWING. 

That there's more to you than Work-Eat-Sleep-Repeat. 

That book. Your painting career. That photography project. Your new business. 

You're a creative. You ARE creative. You paint, you sculpt, you write, you ... Except you don't. 

Because. No time. No headspace. And this feeling that YOU being creative is somehow ... frivolous. 

Creativity coaching helps you access your creativity. It helps you take your creativity seriously and to bring YOUR creative projects into the world. 

Let's recover your creativity with

The artist's way group

Group Coaching programme 

Pink mountain against blue sky - advertising The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way Group is a 13 week coaching programme based on Julia Cameron's TRANSFORMATIONAL book. 

This programme runs ONCE a year, starting in March/April. 

Interested in recovering YOUR creativity ? Had the book on your book shelf for literally DECADES?

Want to have the accountability, camaraderie and FUN of doing this TOGETHER? 

Put your name on the Waiting List for 2025!

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