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Stuck in your Career?


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Do YOU feel stuck in your career? 

It is probably because of one of these things: 

  • IDEAS - You have NO IDEAS. None. You want OUT of your current career, but have no clue where to. 

  • MONEY - You are worried about MONEY. About your financial security. How you're going to do what you love AND pay the bills. 

  • NETWORKING - You HATE networking. Can't STAND the idea of having to sell yourself. 

  • COMMUNITY - You think you're on your own. That you're doing this career change thing all by yourself. Whilst, really it is PEOPLE that you need. 

  • BOOKS - You're the researcher. The one who grabs a BOOK first. Spends HOURS (if not days) researching, scrolling - or ... hiding? 

Yes? Recognise yourself anywhere? 


You're in the right place!


THIS is where you'll find the FREE resources to start YOUR journey to career happiness. 

Image by Luke Chesser

Lacking ideas? Start here

A purple background with a table featuring a blond woman looking up in the sky, a yellow lightbulb and in yellow the sentence 17 creative ways to generate ideas for your career

17 creative ways to generate IDEAS for your CAREER


You have ideas. You do. But for you to GET to do those ideas you need to know HOW to. 

This guide gives you the tools to help you engage your CREATIVE brain and recover and generate ideas for YOUR career. 

Image by Mathias Reding

Worried about money? Start here. 

A red and yellow background with Tineke Tammes in red cardigan and black top and the words in yellow saying Money and your career change

Money and your career change


Want to change careers but concerned you may lose your financial security? 

Worried about how you will pay the bills? 

Is it getting you stuck before you've even started to explore what you want to DO? 

Discover how to tackle the sticky subject of money, so you can change careers safely without worrying all the time about money (or worse, get stopped from doing what you love before you even start!). 

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Hate networking? Start here. 

A yellow and orange background with blond woman and white and purple letters saying How to make networking fun!

How to make networking FUN


Not good at 'selling yourself'? Can't STAND networking? What if it was 'meeting interesting people' instead?


Use proven techniques to make networking easy (or even FUN!) without feeling awkward. 

Image by Fruit Basket Agency

Don't want to do this on your own? Start here. 

Infographic about Pick 'n Mix - Tineke Tammes' community of creative, multi-passionate women

Pick 'n Mix


Do you have many interests? Are you multi-talented? Can you literally turn your hand to anything?


Making choosing what to do next in your career *even* harder? 

Come and join Pick 'n Mix and join a supportive community of creative, multi-passionate women.

Image by Luke Chesser

Want to grab a book first? Start here. 




You're THAT woman. Who - when she wants to solve a problem - orders a book. Or gets it from the library. Who researches first. 

I get you! I WAS you! 

So to save you some time I've created a library with book reviews. On - yes - career change. But also on business & leadership. On body & mind. On women & work. And on creativity.

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