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Career coaching for professional women 

Do you feel stuck in your career? 

You're restless ... 


You have been, for a long time. 

You find yourself looking out of the window, longing to do all the things you want to do.


Running your own business. Doing something creative. Moving abroad. Helping other people. 


Instead you find yourself working long hours, in a job, a career, that no longer feels meaningful to you. 

You spent so much time working on being successful, but have forgotten what success actually means to you. 

You told yourself you would not end up on the hamster wheel. That 'one day' you would do what you love. But here you are. On the hamster wheel. Stuck.


Realising that 'one day' is - well - NOW!


Image by Elisa Ventur
Writing a Journal

Now, imagine if this was you instead ...


You wake up in the morning. You stretch, look on your phone. You smile. You've got a great day in front of you. Gone are the days of starting your week off with dread. 

You get up, do your stretching exercises, and get ready for work. No rush. Your first meeting isn't until 11. Plenty of time to look at your emails and get the day started on your terms. 

You receive lovely feedback from a client. You KNOW you are making a difference to people and feel GREAT for doing the work that you love. 

You quickly check your emails and then shut your laptop for the evening. You look forward to your creative writing class, meeting up with friends or working on your (next) business idea. 

You LOVE your life and your work. You feel free to do what you do best. 

Your version of Career Freedom is waiting for you. One day IS now!

Hi, I'm Tineke!

I know how you feel! I know what it's like to feel restless and stuck in a career that doesn't fit you anymore.


I know how it feels to step inside an office knowing that that's where you'll be for the next 10 hours. Whilst there are so many other things you'd love to do and never have time for. 


But it doesn't have to be this way. Now more than ever you can shape your career how you want. 

As an ICF credentialed coach I've helped women just like you to start realising THEIR version of career happiness.


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'Do What You Love' 

Coaching call
Do you want to know why you are restless? Why it feels as if time is running out to do what you want in your career? But why you have no energy to do anything about it? 
It's time for my 'Do What You Love' coaching call!

  • Re-connect with what you love doing
  • Instantly boost your energy
  • Come away with concrete actions to get you moving and doing more of what you love - every day, and
  • Lots more insights for you to take away!
Take the first step on your way to career freedom!

I cannot recommend Tineke highly enough, I truly can’t. Thank you so much and God bless you and your work and talents for getting me to where I am; its literally like looking down a steep hill and realising I made it up the hill, not to the top yet but nowhere near the bottom where I spent so many years faffing around doubting my abilities!!