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Tineke Tammes, Career Change and Creativity Coach in a red cardigan looking over her shoulder smiling into the camera

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Career and creativity coaching for professional women feeling stuck in their careers

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Stuck. Frustrated. Restless. Or even downright unhappy. THAT's where you are. 

You want OUT. But you don't know where to. And have NO TIME to do anything but work-eat-sleep-repeat. 

You KNOW there's more to life. If only you knew what that was. If only you knew what to do next ...

Hi, I'm Tineke


I believe that life's too short not to do what you love. Everything you love. 

I'm a career and creativity coach, portfolio career enthusiast and women's advocate.


What I also am is a multi-passionate, an obsessive doodler, part-time artist and keen reader. 

I help women like you to get CALM and FOCUSED, explore ALL the things you'd like to do in your career, and help you create a life and career of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. 

Tineke Tammes Career Change Coach for professional women



Creating perspective

Mental Fitness Coaching

Become calm and focused (even if you have no time, no motivation or can’t even remember what you like doing anymore).

Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t end up on the hamster wheel, that’s exactly
where you’ve found yourself. Stuck. Not going anywhere. And reacting to whatever is being thrown at you. 

Mental Fitness coaching will help you get calm and focused. So that you access your inner wisdom and creativity, ready to navigate the next steps of your journey. 

Woman with compass - Mental Fitness coaching with Tineke Tammes



Woman with wide open arms looking at the sea - Creating Career Freedom with Tineke Tammes

Creating career freedom

Career Coaching

Become clear on who you are and what you WANT, determine the career you love and take REAL action to make it happen.


Because you DESERVE to be happy and do what you do BEST. 

You feel stuck. Stuck in a job that no longer feels right.

What you want is a fulfilling life and career. Work that fills your soul. A career in which you feel free. A career that enables you to live a life you love. A life in which you get to do ALL the things you want to do.

Career coaching will help you become crystal clear on what you WANT in your career and take REAL steps to make it happen. 

CREATING Your creative life

Creativity Coaching

Take your creativity seriously and bring YOUR creative projects into the world. Because the world NEEDS you to. 

You KNOW it. Deep down. You've got this niggle, this deep KNOWING. 

That there's more to you than Work-Eat-Sleep-Repeat. 

You're a creative. You ARE creative. You paint, you sculpt, you write, you ...


Except you don't. 

Because. No time. No headspace. And this feeling that YOU being creative, creating something new, doing creative THINGS is somehow ... frivolous. 

Even though you KNOW you're a better person, a better colleague, a more innovative and creative person at work, when you're taking care of your creativity. 

Creativity coaching helps you access your creativity. It helps you take your creativity seriously, remove creative blockers and bring YOUR creative projects into the world. 

Women in dungaree painting  - Working with creatives
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Member of ICF. Holder of ACC credential.
Tineke Tammes, recognised as one of the Top Career Coaches by Coach Foundation

Recognised as one of the Top Career Coaches 

by Coach Foundation

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