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Tineke Tammes, Career Change and Creativity Coach in a red cardigan looking over her shoulder smiling into the camera

Create a career of freedom, flexibility
and fulfilment 

Career change coaching
for creative professional women 

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You feel stuck. Stuck in a job that no longer feels right.


When you get up in the morning you dread the day ahead. Ten hours hidden away in your office or in front of your laptop. Twelve if you count the commute. 

The moment you step into the office you feel as if you leave half your personality at the door. You feel bored, doing the same thing, with the same people, solving the same problems. Knowing that there are so many things out there that you also want to do. Longing for what's next. 

In your coffee break you endlessly scroll job descriptions. Just to find out what else is out there. But half the time they bore you to tears or manage to totally confuse you. Whilst the ones that ARE interesting seem unrealistic. And who's to say that you choose right this time? Who's to say that you won't get bored again?

In your lunch break (if you have time to have one!) you eagerly read about people who've gone and done it. Who've created careers doing exactly what they love. You'd love to do that, but don't know what you would do, let alone how to go about it. 

At the end of each day you close your laptop. Tired from a day full of back-to-back meetings, with still a full workload to somehow manage at the end of all that. 

What you want is a fulfilling life and career. Work that fills your soul. A career in which you feel free to be creative. A life in which you get to do ALL the things you want to do. 

Am I right?

Freedom. Flexibility. Fulfilment. The three must-haves in your career. 

What if you could create the career that has all three? 


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Tineke Tammes Career Change Coach for professional women

Hi, I'm Tineke. I believe that life's too short not to do what you love. Everything you love. 

I'm a career change coach, portfolio career enthusiast and women's advocate.


What I also am is a multi-passionate, an obsessive doodler, part-time artist and keen reader. 

I help women like you to identify YOUR UNIQUE STRENGTHS, explore ALL the things you'd like to do in your career and life, and help you create your very own version of career FREEDOM. 

But wished you were here


You are totally clear on what you're UNIQUELY GREAT at and have embraced your CREATIVE, MULTI-PASSIONATE self. You're creating your very own version of career FREEDOM enabling you to do EVERYTHING you want to do in your career and your life. You're owning your story and are proud of what you've achieved so far. 


Gone are the days of back-to-back meetings and 3 hour commutes only to sit at your desk doing work you could have done remotely. No, instead you KNOW what you need to do your BEST WORK and are comfortable telling others. You're creating the career that enables you to do your work AND have time to do all the other things you want to do as well. 


You KNOW what sets your heart alight. You KNOW what you are passionate about, or passionate about RIGHT NOW. You KNOW what's on your path (and what most definitely isn't) and what next steps to take to go and make that happen. You promised yourself you would make your dream life and career a reality (you know - 'one day') and you are doing that, RIGHT NOW. 

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Member of ICF. Holder of ACC credential.
Tineke Tammes, recognised as one of the Top Career Coaches by Coach Foundation

Recognised as one of the Top Career Coaches 

by Coach Foundation

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