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Fearful woman hiding from Saboteurs

Saboteur Assessment Coaching session

What is STOPPING you from moving forward?

  • 45 min
  • 97 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom

My offer

Lacking confidence. NO ideas. Losing my financial security. I HATE networking. I have no TIME!'  All makes sense, right? Sensible objections. Good reasons to not do ANYTHING.  Except, these 'reasons' are EXACTLY why you're feeling STUCK! So, what if I told you that these are not reasons but SABOTEURS?  That your Saboteurs are - well - sabotaging you? STOPPING you from doing something scary, like making a career transition? From making your dream career (and life) happen? From starting (and finishing) that creative project? For you to move forward, for you to find sensible solutions to real issues, you need to know who your Saboteurs are. So that you can come up with ways of moving beyond the fears, away from the sabotaging voices in your head, beyond the obstacles.  So, let's go and find out what is keeping you stuck! The Saboteur Assessment coaching session is a 45 minute assessment in which you'll get up close and personal with YOUR saboteurs and how they are keeping you stuck. Think of it as your very FIRST step toward YOUR career freedom and creative life!

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North Laine, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, UK

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