Coaching will have a great impact on your personal development. It will allow you to reach goals that you wouldn't have reached on your own.

It will allow you to speak your thoughts out loud. To have someone listen to you with no agenda, but wit a clear intention to give you space to process your thoughts, reflect them back to you, provide you with feedback and help you move forward. 


And above all, it will provide you with a new perspective, new ideas and a clear plan of action (no change without action). 

However, it will only do this if you are all in! This means that you need to be ready and committed to spend time, money and energy, so that you can have the career you deserve and want. 

I personally go by a number of guidelines. And when I work with you I expect you to do the same. 

You can find my guidelines in my coaching agreement, a sample of which you can download a copy here: SAMPLE AGREEMENT

Your commitment