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Working visually

Visual coaching - Tell YOUR story

(Yes. This is MY career (change) journey. I can't wait to hear yours!)

It's the first thing you tell me: 'I'm not good at selling myself'. To then go on to tell me your AMAZING career story. 

Afraid to tell your story? Not good at selling yourself? Not from where I'm sitting! 

The Tell YOUR story visual coaching session is aimed at letting you tell your story. Confidently. Strongly. Colourfully even. 

90 minutes. You talk. I draw. 


Visual recording 

I help individuals and organisations navigate change by capturing THEIR story. 

I am a seasoned coach, change manager and facilitator. I have supported organisations in managing change for over 13 years and can now work with you in capturing YOUR story visually. So that you can reflect, learn and move forward in making YOUR change happen!


Send an email with your requirements to If required we'll set up a call to discuss what you want, my availability and terms and conditions. 

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