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Discover YOUR Golden Thread

Visual coaching session 

Image by Maegan Martin

Struggling with ideas for 'what's next' in your career?


Your next step may well be hidden in YOUR career story!

Join me in a 90 minute Visual Coaching Session and let's:

  • Rediscover what you're GREAT at, what you LOVE doing and what is IMPORTANT to you

  • Identify the GOLDEN THREAD in ALL that you do

  • Leave with new ENERGY and PRIDE in all you've achieved in YOUR CAREER STORY

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Create Career Freedom 

Frustrated? Restless? Downright unhappy in your career? 

Did you promise yourself that ONE DAY you will do what YOU want to do? Only to find that ONE DAY may well be NOW? 

The Career Freedom programme will give you a structured 5 step approach with enough flexibility so that it fits you and your unique needs. It will help you identify who you are and what you really want, breathe new life into old career ideas (and come up with some new ones) and take inspired action to test and plan for your new career. 

The results? Full clarity on who you are and what is driving you. Clear career direction. A plan to make YOUR version of Career Freedom happen!

Questions I haven't answered yet?
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What others say

I chose Tineke to coach me at a defining period in my career, my life!

I had worked solidly for 40 years and found myself wondering 'what next?'.
Tineke took me through a programme of self-discovery, of learning about my own behaviour, preferences, opportunities.

It was not an easy learning journey - don't work with Tineke if you're not curious and prepared to deal with some uncomfortable truths!

She is kind, supportive, insightful and a the best careful listener I know. So if you do want to be challenged and really move yourself and your career to a better place, I suggest you give her a call.


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