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Positive Intelligence programme - 1:1

Find your calm. Unblock your creativity.

  • 30 min
  • 995 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom

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Do you often: * Find yourself stressed, with no time and overwhelmed with the amount of work you've got to get through each day? ​* React rather than respond to the day-to-day demands made on you. Or (worse) react badly to that awkward colleague, that difficult stakeholder or even your boss. Or (worst) be short and irritable with your loved ones? ​* Find yourself being kind (to a fault) to others but hard on yourself? * Have sky-high expectations of yourself and are disappointed when you don't meet them? ​* Feel that you're a human DOING not a human BEING? ​* Find yourself juggling too many things, none of which are FOR YOU? ​* Wonder if you will EVER get to have time to think about your career (rather than working hard IN it) or get round to building the life you WANT? ​* Been thinking about your career and life but have trouble accessing your CREATIVITY to come up with new IDEAS and fresh perspective? ​Yes? Is this you? The Positive Intelligence programme is for YOU! The Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Programme is a neuroscience-based approach, created by former Stanford professor and coach Shirzad Chamine, to help you create mental fitness. ​Based on research on 500,000 people it has identified: * 5 mental 'muscles' (Sage) to help us navigate life's challenges with ease and flow * 10 challengers (Saboteurs) who will STOP us from achieving what we want and cause stress and ongoing negative emotions In this 7 week mental fitness programme you can significantly increase YOUR mental fitness by: * Weakening your Saboteurs * Improving your self-command * Strengthening your Sage powers Helping you to increase your resilience and your emotional intelligence, improve your performance, lower your stress and increase your happiness. You will be able to access your inner wisdom and creativity and be ready for ALL the challenges your job (and life) throws at you. Signing up to this programme means eight (8) weekly sessions. By buying this service you'll book your first session. We'll agree the dates and times of subsequent sessions as well as the start of the weekly videos in our first call.

Cancellation Policy

Private coaching sessions will last a maximum of 30 minutes and will take place on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, allowing you to watch the weekly videos on Saturdays. By booking this service you book the date of your first of eight (8) calls. We'll agree a good time slot for the weekly sessions as well as the start of your weekly videos in our first call. Calls can be rescheduled in the same week with 24 hours notice. Missed calls will not be refunded or held at a later date.

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North Laine, Brighton, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, UK

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