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Welcome to your anti-networking event. No shuffling to the back of the room trying to figure out where the toilets are, where you can hang up your dripping umbrella, whilst trying to NOT look at the people in the room (of whom you know exactly NO ONE!). Or standing at the back of that room trying to balance your notepad, hand bag, a coffee and that delicious-looking (but quite frankly disappointing) Danish whilst trying to figure out who to talk to and what (in heaven's name) to say. None of that. This is to meet fellow Pick 'n Mix-ers. Interesting, creative, fellow multi-passionate women. Women who have millions of projects on the go. Who want more out of life and work. Who want to do it all. In sequence, or simultaneously. Women who might have the same interest as you. Women whose interests and work pique your curiosity. Women who you might work with, who could help you, who know someone who knows someone. What do you say? Let's meet! (Not a member yet? Not a problem. Head straight here: https://pick-n-mix.mn.co and sign up!)

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Century House, 15-19 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3FE, England, UK