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Image by Joel Muniz

Refer a friend

You want to see your friend happy!

Of course you do!

You can't WAIT to see her feeling fulfilled, doing what SHE wants to do in her career!

Because you KNOW she deserves more.


She deserves to bring all those AMAZING skills and strengths to an environment where she is appreciated and valued. Doing something that SHE feels passionate about. 

You want that for her. I know you do. 

So THIS is your opportunity. 

If you refer your friend and she signs up for my full Career Freedom private coaching programme ...


Not only will SHE be well on her way to creating HER version of Career Freedom. 

YOU will gain too! 

Refer a friend and ...

Women discussing


Get a FREE 1 hour coaching session


We can all do with support and a listening ear sometimes. An objective person who listens, supports, on occasion challenges. 

You may NOT be after a wholesale career change at this point. 

But support with a sticky situation in your job? Someone who helps you back on track? 

You'd like that, wouldn't you? 

Tell YOUR career story - visually! 


To celebrate all you have achieved and to learn from your career journey so far we will  - literally - draw out your story in this 90 minute Visual Coaching session

To remind you of what you've done, what you've achieved, what you're proud of, what you love (doing), what you're great at, what skills you've gained along the way.

So that you can tell your story. Confidently. Proudly. Colourfully even. And with lots of enthusiasm for whatever lies ahead. 

Both valued at £150

* You'll receive full confirmation of your referral and details on what happens next in an email.

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