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Five books to give the MEN in your life

I have read my fair share of books on women's equality.

In fact, I'm reading Laura Bates' book Fix the system, not the women right now. One chapter at a time, for the sake of my blood pressure.

But it occurred to me. How many MEN have read these books?

ARE men reading these books? If not, why not?

So, this International Women's Day, I'm going to give you a list of books. Must-reads. For women, yes. But MOST DEFINITELY for men.

Everyday Sexism - Laura Bates

Want to know what EVERY WOMAN I KNOW has experienced? At school? In the street? Online? At work? Read this. Real stories by real women and girls. Frightening.

Men who hate women - Laura Bates (yes, again)

I was scared to read this book. About the world of misogyny, incels, pick up artists and men's rights activists. In the time when our young sons are being influenced by a man who shall not be named (now in prison in Romania) this is a MUST READ for ALL MEN. To help your sons see a different way. It's scary. It has to stop.

The fix - Michelle P. King

It's not us. It's the workplace. And by 'us' I mean women. In this book the writer very clearly sets out at what stages women are being held back at work. And yes, that is at EVERY stage of her working life. Absolutely essential reading for women. Even more essential that MEN read it.

Invisible women - Caroline Criado Perez

Designers. Urban planners. Engineers. Doctors. Please take note of this book! It's only now that there is starting to be an awareness that men and women are NOT the same. That data collected about men's bodies, habits, traffic routes etc (etc etc) does NOT make for a safer world for women. That there needs to be better representation BY women to create better solution FOR women. Did I mention this is a MUST-READ? This is a MUST READ!

The descent of men - Grayson Perry

Breaking the patriarchy, and fixing the systems, will benefit women AND men. In this book Grayson Perry is starting to unravel this from a man's perspective. Whilst not having ALL the answers, what is clear is that men CAN embrace a different way of being a man. That the 'rules' of the patriarchy on what is a man are as restrictive for men as they are for women.

There's your lot! My 'gift' for International Women's Day.

One that I would ask you to give to the men in your life.

Your husband, your partner, your brother, your dad, your son. (Isn't giving supposed to make you happier?)

The patriarchy doesn't work. Not for women, not for men. The system is broken. With these amazing books we can't say we're not aware.

Next step: let's fix it. I think that's enough to get on with for a LOT of International Women's Days to come!


I read. A lot. I share book reviews of the books I read here on my website. Want to read more?

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