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You may be that person. Who does her best thinking on the sofa, with a mug of tea and a notepad. You want to take your time. Do things in your own time. Reflect. Go over it again. 

If this is you then my online course(s) may well be for you. 

My courses are delivered via Thinkific and payments can be made securely via credit card. Please note that payments are in US dollars and exchange rates can vary. 

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The Wall of Ideas

Creating Career Ideas


I know exactly where you are. You're in a corporate job.  Have been for a long time. And lately this little voice in your head has been getting louder and louder. Telling you that - surely - there must be more to life than this. But when you start imagining what that 'other' life might look like you come up blank. You don't know where to start. What first steps to take. 

I get you. And I may just have the thing for you. My online course Creating Career Ideas takes you through a 10-step process. From a complete blank notepad to three distinct career ideas to investigate further. Lots of women tell me that it has created so much clarity for them. 

Approximate duration: 6 hours

Cost: $197 (around £150)

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