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Your Career Freedom 
3 day LIVE mini-course

6 - 8 September 2022


Your first steps to

career happiness

Come and take those all-important first steps to change your career, to one of freedom, flexibility and fulfilment. 

6 - 8 September 2022


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In 3 x 1 hour sessions you will learn:


In this session we will talk about the most common barriers that are making you feel restless, frustrated or downright unhappy at work.


We'll find out the difference between negative and positive (career) freedom. 

We'll also talk about where all good career change starts, -  with YOU! - and how to discover YOUR super power. 


In this session we'll start to uncover what you really want. 

We'll identify ways in which you can put your creative brain to work, so that you can come up with career ideas far beyond your current 9 to 5. 

Finally we'll talk about how best to 'test' your ideas. No, not by googling them, but by talking to actual people. 


Finally, in this session we will get practical!

We will talk about how to work your network to get what you want. 

We will also tackle the most common topics you need to think about when planning your career transition. 


Well, THAT was nice!
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