Confident Businesswoman

Why only women?

I get it sometimes. This question. Why are you coaching women? Only? Do men not go through career transition? Yes, they do. But. It is different for women. 

So, if you ask me why women? This is what I'll say. 

Women face different challenges in the workplace

You are different

From your early years you have been shaped by your culture, your environment. What is expected from you, as a woman, is different for you than it is for a man. In your relationships to others. In your work. It has wired your brain differently. And then there's your body, which works differently from men too, which may (or may not) impact you at work. 

You deserve coaching from someone who understands. Who will work with you to understand what is really going on. Before you decide on your next steps. 

You are treated differently

Without putting too fine a point on it, but women encounter different challenges in the workplace. From the gender pay gap, to the double bind. In working environments designed for men women may not want to play the game - or are not aware what the rules are. Where confidence is often mistaken for competence and women have trouble recognising and expressing their greatness there is work to be done - yes, in fighting bias in the workplace, but also for women to be clear on what they want and be ready to make it happen!

Which means that the support you need is different

I get it!

And what's more ... I've been there. After a 25 year career in the corporate world I made the leap to become a coach. And that's not exactly the first career change I made. 

I know how you can feel as if you're trying to swim against the tide all the time. I know how you think it must be you. Not good enough. Not confident enough. Not enough qualifications.


How you are seriously considering what you should do next in your career. 

I want you to know that I know what you're going through.  

And no, not everything I've said here may be true for you. Because everyone is - well - different. But it goes a long way to explaining why I coach women. Only women. Because I get it. And more importantly, I can help you.