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Freedom Calls!

1 hour coaching session - £ 97

Career change - start with a Freedom Call.

Is that Freedom calling? 

I bet it is. In fact I bet it's been calling you for a while now. 

This restless feeling? This feeling of 'is this it'?


Yes, that's it. 


There's the bills. And the security. There's the small fact of you having literally NO IDEA what's next. Or what next steps to take. 


So, before we do anything drastic, let's make a plan first! (I love a good plan). 

Are you:

  • Working in an environment that no longer feels right for you? 

  • Fed up of playing the office politics? 

  • Being micro-managed, or not challenged enough?

  • Not doing enough of the work that you're great at? 

Or maybe you've started thinking about changing your job or your career altogether, to create YOUR version of career FREEDOM but don't know where to start? 

Book your Freedom Call. Complete the (short - ish) survey. Hop on our one hour call. Come away with (at least) three clear steps you can take right away to get you started on YOUR journey to career freedom.

Whilst still getting paid.

Sounds like a plan to me!

What's included in the Freedom Call:
  • Twenty minute assessment of  where you are in YOUR career change journey

  • One hour coaching session with Tineke

  • Next Steps Action Plan with suggested actions

  • A follow-up email at an agreed time

You will come away with: 

  • Clarity on what is keeping you from making YOUR version of Career Freedom happen

  • Actionable steps for you to take next

  • Other insights that you can take away and apply in your career

Freedom's calling. Can you hear it? 

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