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Four years it took me. At least. Of reading all the self-help books on career change I could find. The websites, the articles, the successful career changer stories, the how-to blogs on how to change careers. I learned how to set up my own business and I finally figured out what I was going to do next. 

I'd like it to be quicker for you. For you to get to the answer quicker. Not by listening to me. Or anyone else. But by listening to yourself. To what you want and need in your career. 

And to help you do that I'm listing some free resources here.


My blogs. But also: which books I believe are useful for where you are in your career. And what I thought of them.


And of course career inspiration stories. By women who have taken an unusual path. Who do multiple things. All at once. Or in sequence. Which just shows you that careers are not linear. And that you can shape your career in any way that fits you!

And finally! My 5 Steps to Career Freedom mini-course. Free if you sign up for my newsletter. A 5 step course that helps you get unstuck. It will help you take your first steps towards YOUR version of Career Freedom. 

Sharing is caring. Don't take four years. Take the shortcut here. 

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