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How to make networking fun!

Your 3 common networking mistakes - and how to stop making them!

Networking. It must be the most dreaded word in the female vocabulary.

Well, no longer! With the three strategies in this e-book you'll become the Queen of Networking and will start to think of networking instead as 'meeting interesting people'. Which - of course - it is!


49 steps to career freedom

A mini-cartoon series about a DIY journey through career change

Of course you can do this career change thing on your own. All by yourself. It will involve 100s of self-help books, endless hours of googling your way to an answer. It will take 49 steps, give or take. Four to six years. 

Download your 49 steps to career freedom mini-cartoon series now, for a hilarious (totally imaginary, obviously) journey through the emotional rollercoaster of a DIY career change journey!