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The Do What You Love   coaching call

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Have you ever: 


  • Found yourself wishing you could escape from your current career, make a career change and create a working life that suits you and your lifestyle?

  • Dreamed about what you would do in that career, you know ‘one day’, only to realise that ‘one day’ is actually, well, now? 

  • Started to think about what that new career and life could look like only to realise you don’t even remember what you love doing anymore? 


If this is you, then it’s time for you to sign up for the Do What You Love Coaching Call.


What you'll learn

You'll understand exactly why you feel restless, but have no energy to do anything about it.


You’ll reconnect with what it is that you love doing and will come up with actions to start doing (more of) what you love. In under an hour!


You will learn what you’re great at. How to incorporate more of that in your work and life, right now. You will find a way to boost your energy, so you don’t feel exhausted and drained all the time. Plus you’ll get a ton of other insights, based on your individual results!


Because for you to know what to do next in your career (and life), you need to first know what you love doing and then have the energy to make (more of) that happen!


How does it work?

The Do What You Love coaching call is a 20 minute online assessment followed by a 45 minute personal coaching session with Tineke.


All this for an investment of £96!

Want to get unstuck? Stop dreaming and start doing? Want to make the first step on your way to career happiness? This call is for you!

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