Changing to Change Management

This programme is for you if:

You have decided that you want to change career into Change Management. But have some trouble making your first steps into Change Management.


You would benefit from practical support. From someone who has more than 13 years change management experience. 

What's included:

Changing to .. Change Management!

Do you want to make a career change .. to Change Management? Good choice! Change Management is a great career. But how to get started? 

That's where I can help. In a 13 year career as a Change Manager I've got first-hand experience what it is to like work in change. As an employee. As a contractor. As a consultant. Even as someone who's recruited multiple Change Managers. 

So I know what it is like to be a Change Manager. I know what employers are looking for. And I've got access to a whole toolkit with which you can hit the ground running. 

So yes, by all means, do the qualifications to become a Change Manager, but for practical, hands-on experience and a guiding hand to get you started you may want to consider the 'Changing to Change Management' programme!


  • ​Six 1 hour sessions

  • Unlimited support between sessions via phone or email

  • Review of your CV and LinkedIn profile

  • A personal brand plan

  • Change management tools that will help you hit the ground running

  • A follow-up call for further support and guidance



Change management mentoring 

£1,500 (incl UK VAT)

What you'll learn:

About change management

What change management is, and why it's important. But also, what environment you'll find yourself working in, the people you'll work with and the different roles involved in change. 

About YOU!

We'll start with where you are now, understand your career history, and see what unique strengths and skills you bring to the role. We'll get clear on your 'why' and your vision for your career (and life). 

Being a change manager

What do change managers do all day? You'll get to look under the bonnet to find out what's required, how your skillset matches and what development needs you have.

Your personal brand

We're going to get up close and personal with your personal brand. Determining how you can get ready so that hiring managers say 'YES' to you for their change manager role. 

The toolkit

We'll roll our sleeves up and get practical! You'll get your hands on a Change Management Toolkit allowing you to hit the ground running!