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Career Spark session

Create new IDEAS for your career change

You are thinking of changing your career. But you're stuck.


Because you have NO IDEA. None. 

I know how you feel:

  • You're churning the same things over and over in your head

  • You've asked others for ideas and kept hearing about the 'obvious' next step in your career. But your stomach hurts at the thought of having to do THAT for the rest of your life

  • You've come up with SOME ideas, but feel distinctly <mweh> about them. 

The Career Spark session is aimed at helping you come up with NEW ideas, for your career, your side hustle, a new business. 

In this ONE hour coaching session you will: 

  • Identify career possibilities based on your STRENGTHS

  • Come up with NEW ideas to investigate further

  • Find ways of TESTING your career ideas

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Your investment: £97

You will be sent a checklist with which you can prepare for our conversation. 

Nothing too onerous, just a way for you to jot down thoughts on what you're GREAT at and what IDEAS you've already had. 

And I'll encourage you to PLAY a bit, starting with creating your very own IDEAS BOOK. 

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What you can expect

Three thought bubbles with one yellow light bulb signifying ideas

In our coaching session we will: 

  • Talk about the IDEAS you've already got

  • Recover old dreams and things you'd regret NOT doing

  • Create a prioritised LIST of career ideas

  • Identify ways of TESTING your career ideas


After our coaching session I will send you:


  • THREE of my NEW Play Time exercises, helping you to get playful and have fun discovering what COULD be your new career

  • My guide '17 creative ways of generating IDEAS for your CAREER'

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What's included in the Career Spark Session:
  • PREP questionnaire to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Strengths

  • One hour coaching session

  • THREE follow-up emails with my new PLAY TIME exercises

  • My guide '17 creative ways of creating IDEAS for your CAREER'

You will come away with: 

  • New IDEAS for your CAREER

  • Ways of TESTING your TOP ideas

  • Extra support to help you keep on moving forward

Let's create some career SPARK

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