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Inspiring careers

Have you been searching for a long time to find this one big passion? Only to find that you have too many interests, too many passions, and you are not able to choose?

More and more women choose to not choose, and pursue a portfolio career instead. 


l interview women who have pursued their own venture alongside their day job and built their very own portfolio career. You know,  a portfolio career? Where you run multiple ventures, at the same time, next to your day job, or in sequence? 


You are more than your work. You are multi-faceted. No wonder you are not able to choose!


Does this sound like you? Do you want to embrace all aspects of you? Read my interviews with these amazing women and let their stories inspire you.


Your career doesn't have to be linear. You can shape it how you like!

Toks - Headshot.jpg

Toks Coyle has done what others find themselves doing now. She has created a true portfolio career!


She works as a Virtual Assistant, supporting social and creative entrepreneurs by taking all their admin off their hands.


She works for a social enterprise supporting the homeless, and finds time every now and again to work as a security assistant in the evenings!


Learn how she get it all done!

Photo 1 Michelle.JPG

Michelle Koloko-Adeyeni is a Business Change Manager, but really is a 'no-longer-in-the-closet' serial entrepreneur, having run multiple businesses over the years next to her day job. 

Meet the 'Queen of the Side Hustle', who has run multiple businesses, pursued her dreams and is about to embark on her next big adventure!

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Do something great!

Do you know someone with an unusual career? Someone who inspires you? Someone who's followed their heart - and do what they love? Who would like to be featured and inspire others? 

Let me know!

Nicky Chadwick- Headshot.png

Nicky Chadwick has done it. What we all want. The holy grail of career change. She has made her hobby into a business. 

Nicky uses coloured pencils and draws the most amazing, detailed pet portraits. And sells them to people who love their dog (or cat) more than their partner.


This is about how one workshop can change your life to one you love!

Photo Liz Mayers.jpg

Liz Mayers is an accomplished change professional, has done lots of work in HR, is a fantastic facilitator, and also  'jumps around half naked in Lycra' in front of workout classes twice a week.


Learn how she does it and why she thinks having a business you love on the side is the answer to having a work-life balance.

Alex - headshot.JPG

Alex Collinson had an idea. How, instead of supporting people through change, she could help people keep well and healthy in an affordable way during change. And she and her business partner took this idea to the high street. 

Read this true career pivot story. About someone who followed through on her idea. On business partnerships. On learning new skills. And on looking at your career from a new perspective.


Photo Angela Marray.jpg

Angela Marray is a communications professional, an ex-journalist and an actor. But above anything else, she is a Story Teller. 

Here she tells how she built her career around storytelling and how - as a 'free spirit' she could not imagine herself doing it any other way.

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