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Career Ideas Incubator

Define your strengths. Create ideas. Plan your next steps 

I know

I know that you:  

  • Have lost your spark for your current job

  • Feel restless, frustrated or downright unhappy in what you're doing right now

  • Want OUT of your job, but haven't got a CLUE where TO

  • Have NO IDEAS for your career. None. At all. Or

  • Are absolutely OVERWHELMED by ideas of things you'd like to do - you know - 'one day' with no clear way of deciding what to focus on

  • Have dismissed ideas as 'silly' or 'unrealistic'

  • Now feel stuck, and miserable as a result

You hear this little voice in your head getting louder and louder. You wonder ... how can I figure out my next steps? 

You would LOVE to: 

  • Get clear on what makes you HAPPY in your career and what you LOVE doing 

  • Feel like your work and your life are ALIGNED and you can do ALL the things you want to do

  • Come up with IDEAS for your career and actions to move you forward

You have spent hour after hour:

  • Scrolling through job descriptions in the hope that something (ANYTHING) jumps out at you

  • Reading career change stories of people who are now 'living their best life' in Bali

  • Writing and re-writing your LinkedIn profile and CV

  • Halfheartedly sending your CV off for jobs that looked half-interesting (unsurprisingly with little result)

  • Taking courses, signing up for free challenges, taking out books on career change from the library

  • Talking to friends about what it would be like if you could find something you like - only to come thundering back to earth, because you haven't got a CLUE!

You just KNOW there is so much more to you. That you have SO MUCH to contribute.


If only you knew what that was! 


You don't want to wait any longer. 'One day' is NOW! 

If only you knew what step to take next. 

Fed up with going round in circles? Yes? Yes, thought so!

So, first things first. 


Stop reading. Stop researching. Stop aimlessly scrolling job descriptions. Stop getting frustrated. Stop thinking it's only others who can 'live their best life' (in Bali or whatever). Stop thinking you're being silly for wanting more. Stop fretting about what to do next without getting anywhere. 

Just stop. 

You see, the best way to start getting clear on what you WANT is to pause, take a breath. figure out what you actually LOVE doing and are GREAT at and generate career ideas that suit YOU!

Image by Markus Winkler
Take control. Get clear on who you ARE and what you WANT.

Build your own path. 
Let's take some REAL steps forward

You deserve to create your own path. A career path that excites you and fulfils you. Instead of doing what you do, just because it's sensible and it's what's expected of you. 

And you can do this by using CREATIVITY to create IDEAS for your CAREER. 

Yes, career exploration can be FUN and EXCITING and REAL! Who knew!

Hi, I'm Tineke

I help professional women get clear on what they're GREAT at, what they LOVE doing and create CAREER IDEAS. So that they can move forward and make THEIR version of Career Freedom happen. 

And I get it. 

You've been in this position for so long. You've spent months (heck, maybe even YEARS) doing that. Scrolling job descriptions, reading stories and books. Dreaming. 

What if ... ? 

One day I will ... 

But you know that 'one day' is now. And you're getting more and more restless and frustrated. 

Which is why I've designed an intensive coaching solution that will help you figure out what you WANT and helps you move forward to take those next steps. 

I help you get clear on what you're GREAT at and help you create IDEAS that fit you, your strengths and your LIFE. 

Life's too short to stay stuck and not do what you want. 


That's what I think, anyway!

Photo of Tineke Tammes
Spotlight - Spotlight on testimonials for Tineke Tammes Coaching

Tineke took me through a programme of self-discovery, of learning about my own behaviour, preferences, opportunities.

It was not an easy learning journey - don't work with Tineke if you're not curious and prepared to deal with some uncomfortable truths!

She is kind, supportive, insightful and a the best careful listener I know. So if you do want to be challenged and really move yourself and your career to a better place, I suggest you give her a call.

Alison Kelly - Head of Change


Tineke’s career programme is one of the best things I have ever done. It has been life-changing! An incredible experience. I’ve learnt more things about myself in the last 3 months than I could have ever imagined. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

At the start of our time together I set out some clear objectives of what I wanted to achieve and hands down the programme has delivered: I have a clear plan that wholly supports my personal vision for my future career AND family life. And I am now focused on delivering on it, with creativity at its core.


Let's create IDEAS for your Career. Tineke Tammes' newest coaching package - The Career Ideas Incubator
Let's create IDEAS for your CAREER!

In ONE MONTH we will get YOUR creative juices flowing by: 

Building your compass - part of the Career Ideas Incubator package

Building your compass

We'll explore your strengths and skills, what you LOVE doing and how you can do more of that - right now.

Two lightbulbs - Creating your IDEAS - Part of the Career Ideas Incubator package - Tineke Tammes Coaching

Creating your IDEAS

We'll create a VISION for your career (and life) and will create IDEAS that will make YOUR vision a reality 

Clapper for shouting 'Action' - Taking action - Part of the Career Ideas Incubator package - Tineke Tammes Coaching

Taking action

We'll identify ways to 'test' your ideas, out THERE in the real world. With real life questions like: Will I like it? Will this fulfil me? So that your IDEAS become REAL.

This one-month Career Ideas Incubator package will help you to:


  • Discover your strengths, skills and experiences

  • Rediscover what you LOVE doing

  • Create a VISION for your WORK and LIFE

  • Spark new ideas for what your future could look like

  • Explore what steps you could take to find out about your career ideas in the REAL world

  • Decide on your next steps with clarity and confidence


What's in the Career Ideas Incubator package

This one-month 1:1 coaching package includes 


  • a weekly 60 minute individual coaching session (for four weeks in a row) to help you build your compass, create a vision, generate ideas come up with ways to 'test' your ideas and decide on next steps

  • access to a Strengths test to identify your talents and natural strengths, so that you can build on what you're already GREAT at
  • tailored emails after each session with additional 'homework' - reflective exercises and activities - to help you keep on moving forward
  • email support between sessions for further coaching - for when you have a quick question of challenge you want to explore

  • mid-week email check-ins for accountability - because keeping on going is HARD


Your investment for this package is £600


Once you've applied the learning from our coaching once you can use it over and over again!

Not only will you have access to the materials and exercises for LIFE, you will be able to apply the learning for every CAREER IDEA, for every career TEST. Until you have found or created the job, the career, that suits YOU and your life style. 

Frequently asked questions:

How is this package different from your Career Freedom programme? 

I get it. Career change is HARD. Committing to a 3 to 6 month career change programme - especially now - is even HARDER!

Clients who work with me in my Career Freedom programme come away with clarity on their career direction, a plan to make it happen AND will have taken REAL steps to making THEIR version of Career Happiness a reality. The support and ongoing accountability - or, as one of my clients said 'the relentless support' - is what makes the difference here. 

My Career Ideas Incubator package is a pressure cooker version of my Career Freedom programme. One or more Career Ideas based on your strengths and vision for your career. Short, sharp, action-focused. So that you can get started on your career transformation NOW. 

How can I get started with the Career Ideas Incubator package? 

Are you ready to get started? Can't wait to get going and take some REAL action? Then click one of the buttons on this page, complete the form and we'll talk. If this is a GREAT fit for you we'll make it happen there and then! 

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