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Career Horizon

Almost there!
Flexible career (change) coaching plans

Almost there!




You have completed the Career Freedom private coaching programme.


You’ve identified what you’d like to do next, you’ve got a plan and have started to take REAL steps to make it happen.


For some of you that is enough. You've achieved what you wanted to achieve. You've landed your dream job. You're on your way to making it happen. You've done it, you've created a career with Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment. 

Great! And congratulations! 


For some of you though it will take a bit longer. 

You have to re-train. Or  you want to set up your own business. You're still in a job. To name a few scenarios. 

So how do you keep going? How do you make sure that you - too - create YOUR version of Career Freedom? 

You *may* miss the accountability of regular coaching sessions. The insights you get, the support, the cheerleader on your side. (or – as one of my clients called it – the ‘relentless support’).


If this is you, I invite you to read on.

There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love; there's only scarcity of resolve to make it happen - Wayne Dyer

The Career Horizon plan is available EXCLUSIVELY to those who have successfully finished the Career Freedom programme, but would benefit from additional support to make sure they make THEIR version of Career Freedom happen.

How it works

YOU choose the level of support you require to make YOUR version of Career Freedom happen from the following options:

£150 per month



  • 1 hour of coaching calls per month

  • 1 on 1 career coaching

  • Video call via Zoom

  • Unlimited email access


The agenda is entirely yours, and could include things like: 

  • Mindset & motivation – To remind you of your vision and boost your motivation when you’re flagging

  • Accountability – To help keep you on track and keep making progress towards your goals 

  • Barriers – To identify and remove any barriers that are holding you back  

  • Time – In which we’ll re-focus on your goals and make space in your calendar to go and make this happen. 

  • Connection – To shine a light on your network and see how you can expand and strengthen your network to explore and reach your goals 

  • Energy & resilience – To make sure that you take care of yourself so you have the energy and resilience to keep going 

Or could focus on a range of career (change) issues that are keeping you from creating a HAPPY career. 

Questions and answers

How do I get started with the Career Horizon coaching plan?

If you know what plan you want then all you have to do is send me an email on Let me know what option you've chosen. 


I will set up your plan and send you a coaching agreement. Once I’ve received your first payment I will send you the link to my calendar and we’re on our way!


Not sure which plan is right for you? Let’s have a conversation to discuss how much support you need, so that you can choose the right plan for you. Book your 30 minute call here: Book a Call


Are you only after a one off coaching session (not a plan)? You can book that right here: Career Coaching session


What’s included in my plan?

Your plan includes one-to-one coaching via Zoom, and unlimited access to me via email.


How many calls do I get per month?

Depending on which plan you choose, you'll have between 1 to 4 hours per month which you can use in the shape of 60 minute sessions.


For example, if you have a Momentum Plan, you get a total of 2 hours which you could break up into two 60 minute sessions per month or four 30 minute sessions. Whatever works best for you.


You will get a link to my calendar with which you can choose to book 30 or 60 minute calls.


What would I use emails for?

You will have unlimited email access to me in between sessions. You can use them for check-ins, updates, setting up the agenda for your next call, or sharing documents.


I will always read and respond within 24 hours. And if you want to talk more deeply about a situation (a job interview, something happening at work) I am only a video call away!


How will I use the sessions?

How you use the sessions is entirely up to you. You can use them for any of the suggested topics above, which are aimed at helping you move forward in your career (change) journey. Or you can use them for any other career (change) related topic!


You use the sessions in a way that suits you and your agenda. This means that every session requires a bit of preparation from you as you want to consider what you’d like to use the session for. How you can use it to move yourself forward. On the other hand, your sessions are flexible, so that you only book them when you need them.


Do I need to commit for a specific period?

No, you can cancel at any time. Your payment is due on the 1st of each month. All I request is for you to send me an email at the latest 1 full week before the first of the month and we’ll cancel your plan.


What happens when I go on holiday or get ill?

Because the plans are so flexible I’m sure we can plan your sessions around your holiday.


However, you can request for your plan to be paused, again, via email, at the latest one week before your next payment is due. We’ll pause your plan for a month and re-start it again the month after!


Can I change my plan?

Yes! If you are not clear on what plan is right for you right now, let’s have a conversation first (link below)!


But if you have started a plan only to find that your requirements have changed then let me know and we can change your plan (e.g. from Steady to Momentum). Again, let me know via email at least one week before your next payment is due.

Any other questions?

Send me an email on or book a call


Want to book a one-off coaching session?

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