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Career Freedom GROUP programme

YOUR version of career happiness


My proven 5 step Career Freedom programme now in a LIVE group programme!

This is where I think you are:

  • You are a professional, high-achieving, multi-talented woman

  • You have been trying to change careers (or at least thinking about it) on more than one occasion

  • You've not felt right in your job for a long time. You're feeling restless, frustrated, or sometimes even downright unhappy

  • You don't have ANY ideas on what you'd like to do next

  • Meanwhile time just keeps on ticking and you are not doing ANY of the things you want to do

Am I right?

You've asked yourself: 

  • There must be more to life, right? Others seem to manage to be happy and fulfilled in their careers, so why not you!

  • How you can make a start, because you either don't have a clue where to to begin or the number of steps you can take overwhelm you. Surely there must be a clear way in which to do this? 

  • What is best for you: take a Do It Yourself approach to career change, invest in a coaching programme or look for a course, a membership or a programme

Well, now you can do ALL of those things! In the Career Freedom GROUP programme!

I WAS you years ago

I was unhappy, restless, frustrated in my job. I moved companies, worked on different projects, only to find that - after the first 'honeymoon period' I was back where I was before. 

I felt stuck, without any ideas. Because all I'd ever done in my career was working in corporate roles. I didn't know anything else!

I started to look around, enviously reading stories of people who had made THEIR career change happen. 

Then I became serious and started to learn. About myself. About career change. About what I wanted. 

I started talking to people. Which is when things started to happen....

I have successfully made MY career transition happen. From frustrated in a corporate job to now running my own business, helping women like YOU make YOUR career change happen. 

I wish I could say it has been easy. 

It took me more than four years.


Learning. Researching. Finding out. Despairing. Doing nothing. Pretending that my old job wasn't all that bad (you can read my full story here: 49 steps to career freedom)

But finally, taking small steps forward.

Reflecting. Learning from others. Finding out. Having little (and pretty big!) aha moments. Testing my ideas. Talking to others. Planning my 'escape'. And finally, making it happen. 


THAT - in a nutshell - was my Do It Yourself journey to career happiness. 

Meet the Career Freedom GROUP programme!

Now, I have put all the knowledge and experience I've gained into my Career Freedom programme. 

So you don't have to do what I did. And take four years to move out of a career that hurts you NOW, all by yourself. 

No, instead, you get all the goodness that you would get in my private coaching programme, but instead do it together with others!

My private coaching clients say that the programme is 'truly transformational' and 'life-changing'.


Let's transform YOUR career (and life)! Let's do it together. 

The curriculum

Career Freedom GROUP programme curriculum.JPG

What you get


Twelve group coaching sessions

Exercises and resources to help you reflect and move forward

Support sessions and dedicated Q&A sessions for all your questions

Access to a dedicated group and support for 12 months 

Questions you may have

What if I can't make the live group coaching sessions?

You are highly encouraged to make the sessions in person. However, if you can't make it (life happens, after all!) a recording will be made available in the group. 

How long will I have access? 

You will have access to the group for 12 months from the start of the programme, allowing you to use all the materials, support and the live coaching sessions to plan and execute your career transition, with the support and encouragement from your peers. You will be sent materials and worksheets, which you'll have access to and can return to for life. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the live nature of this course I don't offer refunds. 

What format does the programme come in? 

There will be LIVE group coaching sessions (recorded), LIVE support sessions (not recorded), supported by weekly emails with exercises, information and relevant resources. You also will have access to the group for 12 months, in which you'll be encouraged to support your fellow career changers, share your successes  and give (and receive) help through what can be a difficult period. You will also find the monthly Q&A thread for all your questions in the group. 

Will there be a recording? 

Yes, a recording of each LIVE coaching session will be made available. 

Is there something else I can do?

Yes! Come and join Pick 'n Mix - my community for creative, multi-passionate women.

Not only will you be joining an amazing, supportive, creative bunch of women, but Pick 'n Mix is also where the action is!

The programme will be hosted in the Pick 'n Mix community, which is FREE, so joining the community is a no-brainer!

GROUP programme
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