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Reading books makes me happy. I read books about change, career change, art, feminism, philosophy, spiritualism, marketing, business, coaching and anything else that makes me curious. 

I read books from the library and from the second hand shop. Only very occasionally do I buy anything new (it would bankrupt me if I had to buy new books all the time!). This means that you are unlikely to find the newest books here. However, if you have any suggestions for books to read let me know here


Whenever I finish a book I will write a review about it on this page, in the hope that you will find it interesting and helpful. The reviews are not slick, but they are honest and succinct. 


And as for any books I don't finish, well … life's too short for books you don't enjoy!

Enjoy my selection!


Career change

From step-by-step guides to how to escape the 9-5. It's all there! 

Body & mind

About how the brain works. And how your body influences your thinking. 


Books about diversity. And marketing. Coaching. And other stuff I found interesting. 


Leaning in. Or playing big. Read my reviews of a range of books on women's equality and empowerment.