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Book Club


I see you!

You've got (at least) three books on the go.

That sensible business book. A book next to your bed. And one that sort of floats between rooms. That you pick up and read one chapter of at a time. Or two. 

Reading is great. If only you could actually finish some of these books you start!

THAT's what we'll be doing in the Pick 'n Mix Book Club. 

Come and join us in Pick 'n Mix, the community for creative and multi-passionate women. And join Book Club every other month!


What do you say? 


Hi again!

I LOVE reading. I literally have read hundreds - if not thousands - of books in my lifetime. Books on art and spirituality, careers and change, business and leadership, feminism and happiness. 

Do you want to know my Top 5 books on career change or what I thought were the best books I read in 2021? Or the six books that shaped my life

Yeah, I probably wrote a blog about it. Or a book review

I can't wait to meet you all in Pick 'n Mix and talk about books. And hear what YOU thought of it!

Book it in your calendar now: Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 8 pm BST

We're reading:
Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown

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For those of you who have read some of my book reviews before you will know that Brene Brown and I didn't always get on. Not in the 'I-know-her-and-can't-stand-her' type of way, mind. I'm sure she's lovely. But in that I couldn't always relate to how she wrote. 'Rumbling with vulnerability', 'circling back' are not ways of saying things I relate easily to. 

You can say that I'm late to the party. Dare to Lead, but in particular her book The Gifts of Imperfection have woken me up, punched me in the gut and have made me a total fan. 

So, for the September edition of Book Club we're doing it. We're reading Atlas of the Heart, in which - according to my library - 'she maps the necessary skills and lays out an actionable framework for meaningful connection'. 

And boy, do we need just that: connection! 

Looking forward to hearing what you thought. 

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