Benefits of coaching 

You and your career 

A career is no longer for life. More and more permanent jobs are disappearing. More and more people want a better life-work balance. More and more people are considering a career change.


More than ever that means that you are the CEO of your career (and the COO, and, oh yeah, the actual do-er as well!). This means that you are in charge of your career and want to take active steps to make it into the career that suits you. That suits your skils and experience. In which you get to excel in what you're good at. And that makes you happy. It also means making choices. And that is where working with a coach will benefit you. 


Benefits of coaching 

A coach will:

  • Listen to you

  • Help you clarify your thinking

  • Challenge you 

  • Ask you powerful questions

  • Offer a different perspective

  • Support you in making the changes you want to make

So that you get:

  • Clarity on the causes of your wish to change your career

  • Clarity on what makes you happy (or unhappy) and when you are at your best

  • Clear options for the next steps in your career

  • A clear vision for your career 

  • The ability to make decisions based on this vision

Benefits of coaching with me

My coaching clients tell me that they appreciate me for my :

  • Ability to hold space, allowing you time to reflect and think

  • Listening and hearing you

  • Directness and honesty, helping you to change your perspective

  • Focus on action and taking responsibility 

  • Empathy

When you coach with me you don't just get all that, but you also get 25 years worth of navigating a corporate career, a wealth of knowledge and experience on how people move through change, personal experience of career change and a lifelong interest in women's equality in the workplace. And of course the incredible value and benefits of the coaching process itself! 

I know what you're going through and how you're feeling. I know a thing or two about how to go through life-changing transformation and have first-hand experience of how you can feel excited and bubbly and energetic and content and happy and absolutely terrified all at the same time when you finally know what you want and you’re ready to make it happen! 


I'll be here as your coach, to support you in creating the career and working life you want.