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Art and creativity


Every now and then I paint a portrait. I love the challenge, yes, of getting the nose and eyes and ears in the right place. But more so to try and capture some of the character of the person. (And sometimes of the joy of taking a ridiculous selfie with your sisters). 

All my portraits are in oil on canvas. For commissions contact me here: 

City scapes

For 5 years I painted and drew little city scapes of Brighton's North Laine in the local magazine, the North Laine Runner. 

If you are interested in a print of these little city scapes, or want to commission me to paint YOUR local business or house (Brighton city centre only) enquire below. 

Prints are acrylic and pen on paper, 10 x 15 cm. Prints come in an A4 sized mount. 

Landscapes and flowers

Landscapes and flowers in various sizes

Oil on canvas or board

These are all FOR SALE

Use the button below for enquiries. 

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