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No change without action!

I know a thing or two about change. Not only have I spent 13 years working as a Change Manager, supporting people through organisational and IT changes.


I also went through my own fair share of change. After careers in real estate, community development and change management I've now landed myself firmly in career number 4, coaching. 

In other words, I know first AND second hand, the emotional roller coaster any change, but particularly a career change can be. I know how frustrating it can be to feel stuck in a career that no longer feels like you. I know how this feeling of 'Is this it?' can niggle away at you. How all you want is to create YOUR version of career happiness. 

But above all I know that there is no change without action! Because sitting on your sofa, trying to google your way to an answer is not how this career change will happen (as if by magic).


Instead a structured approach to your career change journey will help you create just the right amount of self knowledge and the support to help you take inspired action to find and create the career that you love. 

Want to know more? 

Career coaching for professional women

Women have different challenges when it comes to the workplace.



I bet you don't need reminding. The gender pay gap. The lack of women in the board room. Bias against women - because of women becoming mothers, or getting older, because their bodies - and their brains - work differently from men's. Workplaces designed for men holding women back. 

That's why I focus on career coaching for professional women. Only. 

So that we look these challenges in the face. Whilst we consider where you'd like to go next. So that you're not only prepared to make this career change journey, but that you're prepared for the challenges you may find on your way. 

Doing what you love

You see, I believe you do your best work when you do what you love. When you use your strengths for something you feel strongly about. When you're engaged, in 'flow'. In other words when you're happy. 

I've found my career happiness in the intersection of change, coaching and art. Which is why I'm showing you my career change journey in my own drawing below. 

I want YOU to do what you love too.


I want you to create YOUR version of career happiness.


By finding out what you love best. By creating and testing the next steps in your career. By taking inspired action to make it happen. 

Because (say it out loud!): No change without action! 

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Tineke's  career (change) journey

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What my clients say: 

I am most definitely a very different person to when we started our journey together! I thought I was a fairly confident person before we met but now, I feel more fearless

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Other mildly relevant facts about me

My love story with books

I read - well - everything! Books about psychology, change management, career change, emotional intelligence, happiness, leadership, feminism, business, art and spirituality. And I'm sharing what I read with you! 


Go to my Book Review page to find out more. 

If you want to learn more about the perfect book  to get you started on your career change, ask me! I've probably already read it.

My biggest life lesson

My biggest learning of the last couple of years has been that happiness is already inside you, that you can make active steps to be happier and that you are good enough as you are. If you had told my 39-old cynical self this I would have laughed (see my Blog). 

Feminism and me

I’m a lifelong feminist. I believe women have different challenges in the workplace and have many more hurdles to climb then men. Which is why I choose to focus on supporting women in the workplace. 

And no - being a feminist does not mean that I don’t like it if people open doors for me (that’s just being polite!).